Jubo 2021 OtakuVibes

[Update: 2024-May-06]

Jubo 2021 OtakuVibes


Complete Pack (Works with Project Outfox + SM3.9+Redux) 
[CRC32: 06129CA8 | 3.56GB]
Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Google Drive -||- JuboSimfiles.com

Main Pack (Universally works any version) 
[CRC32: 46C2D47B | 2.02 GB]
Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Google Drive -||- JuboSimfiles.com

SM+SSC Patch [Update: 2024 May 06] 
[Download this, if you have previously have an old version of the pack prior to new update on 2024 May 06]
Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Google Drive -||- JuboSimfiles.com


45+2(collab)+3(“exclusive”) Songs!!! majority have BGVideo! BNVideo! JKTVideo!
All difficulties are converted to “near” Simulated DDR-X/A(1-20 ratings) [Easy+Medium+Hard+Expert] (except Collabs w/ Aikyoku, using ?ITG? format)
// Beginners Charts are KB Charts! (except Collabs w/ Aikyoku. EDIT Difficulty = KB Charts) with MSD(etterna rating -Various ver. it is-) + 10 (to differential from PAD).
Press F9 on the Music Song Selection/Wheel to view the Transliteration to Romaji (“Romanized characters”)

Get the full detailed song list here. Which includes the individual song downloads!!!


Alright 2021… I have failed you on exclusive 3 songs or rather many in the past… Especially on Long Version songs lacking of KB Chart and potentially a “stamina” style chart. Sorry once again. (But I really do want to move on to other things. Start off 2022.)
Otherwise… Look at that 50 Simfiles! all together (better than what 36 songs last year 2020) and I decided a pack name “OtakuVibes” this 2021 pack ehh… most of my songs are from “Otaku” Culture anyways so why not… maybe not that 1 random K-Pop song from the August Reddit 2021 Request.
Thanks to Reddit users in 2021 again for some of the Songs in the list that was requested in the monthly Official Simfile Request Thread.  


I may not done all of them, sorry. But please Look Forward to another one 2022 on my vacation days.

This Pack includes a new Addon, Project OutFox. This pack is just with HQ .FLAC audios some songs have them, and All have HQ h265 encode Videos plus .SSC main file. This will not work on any StepMania or Etterna(maybe?) or other StepMania Forks. Only works for Project OutFox for now.

Ideally. Please play this on Pack on Project OutFox. or StepMania 3.9+Redux is the lowest (My current SM Editor so hehe~!) with Full Pack.
May have problems FAST SPEED playback on Video Banners/Jackets due to Themes or SM Version or SM Forks or Etterna not capable on playing it properly.

mmm.. What else. 2 Simfiles from Aikyoku are exclusive too. I thank Aikyoku for accompany my request to join Aikyoku’s initial simfile creating the Fruits Basket 2019 songs. There was more in the works but I’m tend to not follow up much on it sadly 


 Only done the KB Charts and some additional tweaks on lower difficulties. All the credits goes to Aikyoku.

If you have been following me simfile after simfile releases it seems like almost every week, huh. I thank you for that… kept me on-going to make another song.
This pack isn’t really necessary except the 3-5 new simfiles and 1 major changes on Official髭男dism – Cry Baby (Anime Size) [Tokyo Revengers OP] but I am so sorry in advance might need to download 2GBs+ on just 5+1 songs.
I think you need to redownload it again, but at least the end of it you get to enjoy playing it.

Ahhh right. There are COURSES included here so INSTALL it in the StepMania / Project OutFox Folders no just Songs folder.
mmm I was struggling on what categories to make… but at least these will be ok? I know I need to make more of them. More variety the better but I’m so conflicted to create.
You’ll see something like this in the coming months/years? mm~!

Anyways… Enjoy the 2021 OtakuVibes Pack~!
I’ll see you next year 2023 for 2022 pack. lol, confusing but yeah.
ON TO 2022 Simfiles YAY~!

Special Thanks to…

I would like to thank the people who help donated to me, or rather more like donated to the Otaku’s Dream Server than me..

  • 2021, Dec 21 – Ganix
  •  2021, Aug 30 – Esau M. 
  •  2021, Aug 19 – Erick L. (u/Hops117)
  •  2021, Aug 15 – Lester B.
  •  2021, Aug 10 – Emblanote
  •  2021, May 12 – Joseph M.
  •  2021, May 03 – Eugene B.
  •  2021, Apr 28 + Mar 26 – Alec M.
  •  2021, Apr 19 – Samantha H.
  •  2021, Mar 28 – Kiara D.
  •  2021, Mar 26 – Miguel E.
  •  2021, Feb 26 – William W.
  •  2021, Feb 08 – LemonWarlord
  •  2021, Jan 21 – Vicz H.

Thank you. I appreciate your help!!!