Jubo Simfiles -301-450 Impulsion-

(Update: 2024-Feb28th)

301-450 Impulsion
Single Downloads

Complete Pack [5.14 GB]
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LOTS!!! of Offset changes! maybe a couple of extras I am not 100% on such exact details.
But definitely BIG improvement.
For exact changes. I usually log them on my discord server… so sorry advance.

Song List (165 Songs)


It has been a long journey for this pack… since… ummm… let see… I’m guessing 2016 of December… Man almost 2 years or a lil more days WOAH.

Finally… Done songlist wise… I do have a lot of work to do on KB charts and more (if I do decide to venture to PIU / SOLO 6Keys / DOUBLES 8k)
– But knowing how I feel on KB charts these days… won’t be happening anytime soon 


Would like to thanks everyone who downloaded my creations and also those who requested songs along the years… I know some loooooooong looong long over due by just looking at the Song Preview of the EXTRAS.
And the one DONATOR CleverFauxFox (Songs accomplished to make Perfume!, Neverland, which both are surprise me on great song to listen/step to, and Haruka Kanata/Naruto OP2), THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It’s a little one-time contribution but makes my work more well recognizable to be at least donated to at least 


I may miss several things but Thanks to everyone and my 2 years on making this batch pack. Damn!

On to the next batch pack which is a more manageable (smaller disk/file size too!) pack Cessation (451-500) Final Number pack… 


 Sound like Retirement Road to the End>?
Who knows… on to that journey.

Enjoy All!