Jubo 2023 OtakuVibes

Released on 2024-Feb-28th

Jubo 2023 OtakuVibes


Complete Pack [6.87 GB]
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Main Pack [3.23 GB]
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Project OutFox Addon Pack [3.71 GB]
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77 Songs Total~~! (+37 more songs than 2022. HOLY SHIII~! What did I do this year?)
37 FLAC Songs (I tried…)
13 Long/Marathon Songs (+12 more than Last Year. WTF Jubo?)
14 Donated Songs Completed. (Thank you donators!)

Jeez What !@#$ing year is 2023. Host/OP DDR/StepMania booth in Anime North that was fun. I guess kept motivated a lot after that month of May. Jeez MYMY


SongWheel Preview Video VIA Facebook Video


Quote from: From the TXT file…

Jubo 2023 OtakuVibes


Group BN / Jacket Sources: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=1344172 Frieren+-Fern || Maomao is somewhere I forgot where but its the BG of `Hana ni Natte` why not use it here too.

I choose that even though not the best looking but it has food eating Frieren and Fern so WOW ok put its.

This year there is anotheer anime I do enjoy watching is Kusuriya no Hitorigoto / The Apothecary Diaries. Koool looking Maomao

So I guess Sousou no Frieren and Kusuriya no Hitorigoto are my Anime of the Year? I guess? I am missing something here am I. Maybe Oshi no Ko should’ve been there?

But my Anime Song Track of the Year is: eill – プレロマンス / Pre-romance [Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi AMV]
Such an awesome song. Jeez the feels.


I know there is some simfiles are audio/video quality issues like no creditless or HQ audio… Yeah I got so lazy at the end. I may edit them in the future. but at least its there.

I also limited the Video BN+JKT to only .ssc aka OutFox/SM5/ITGMania/Etterna build to play it on. Also went for MP4 H264 codec instead of my normal h265 on the mkv BGvideos. Strange inconsisitency on my part but at least it is on its category? but yea mp4 for BN+JKT is I planned to do this in the future now.

also 1080p default now. or max on. Of course some are lower due to the resource of it relative material it has. From the video source.


Here is to another annual round of my old habits on my hobbies for StepMania Anime Simfile onto 2024 and beyond (look like 2026 it seems now HAHA, Hey that is my 20th anniversary year 2026 BTW)

Forgot to add this tidbit to the txt….

Please feature or add it to your catalogue this in your Anime Conventions, if possible.
Since I am going to be doing it again this year at Anime North 2024. As a Staff member I hope.
So see you there!

Special Thanks to…

I would like to thank the people who help donated to me, or rather more like donated to the Otaku’s Dream Server than me..
Monthly donators!
2022, Nov 24 – present – Tabea P.

One-Time Donators!
2023, Dec 21 – Shira   
2023, Oct 31 – Ethan M.
2023, Oct 24 – jbone
2023, Oct 24 – Yesid
2023, Oct 21 – SweatyPool
2023, Sept 16 – David P.
2023, Sept 01 – frankie
2023, Jul 29 – CC
2023, Jun 29 – Fox03171
2023, Jun 03 – Ayatt & Daishi
2023, May 13 – Brandon W.
2023, May 03 – Kuta
2023, Apr 26 – t3hjonneh
2023, Mar 27 – Fox03171
2023, Feb 11 – Ofzen
2023, Jan 21 – Jacob H.

I appreciate the help. All goes to funding the Web Server. Period. I do not use for other than StepMania and Simfile Hosting. Thanks to you all, the Jubo Simfile server plus Otaku’s Dream server is going to be alive for 3 more years till 2026 I believe :)

At this moment, your donations is being tallying up to another 3 years to 2029 :)

Thanks you all for your generosity.

See you AGAIN! in 2025.
For 2024 OtakuVibesPack. HAH~!