Jubo Simfiles -451-500 Cessation + 2019 Simfiles-

(Update: 2024-Mar17) 


Complete Pack [2.82 GBs]
Google Drive -||- Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Jubo Simfiles Server ]


92 Songs!!! all have BGVideo!
All difficulties converted to “near” DDR-X/A(1-20 ratings)  [Easy + Medium+ Hard + Expert ]

// Edit Charts are KB Chart! with MSD(etterna rating) + 10 (to differential from PAD).

Get the full detailed song list here. Which includes the individual song downloads!!!


Haaaa…. almost 2 years in the making… Rushed it in the end… due to this COVID19 and somehow I wanted to help somehow with this crisis to the people who are staying at home who are in need of a workout routine or just plain mental stress relief 


 I hope this relaxes people out there and hoping all of you are in good health and practicing [insert words] distancing… I am for sure not really in that position to do due to my job being called as an “essential worker” oh boy.
I hope you enjoy!

I know this is the end of the 500 Series… it would be missed for sure for me, lol. No more 2+year wait for a pack of my creation hahaha~! so what now?
Well, I decided back in the near fall or summer 2019 that I’ll do seasonal pack release… but… I realize that around the new term on fall 2019 and the end of 2019 kind of killed it for me with so many thing to do… argh… so yah took me 3 months to just do a yearly thing instead. HAHA at least not 2+ years.
Anyways Yes my packs will now be yearly…

I am so sorry for those who wanted a KB chart on pretty much of the Cessation pack… and if you do want feel free to msg me on here in the forums, facebook, discord, even twitter even though I don’t use it much 


Later all look forward to the 2020 simfiles which pretty much started off on 2020 March 29 with Aikyoku’s simfiles releases! Yes I am going to try to collab more, but not a lot? I don’t know who knows…

See you next releases!
Also Happy Group Formed Birthday Otaku’s Dream Mix!!! 14 years now.. almost 15. HAHA.. One of the reasons why I am releasing that pack today too!

Special Thanks to…

I would like to thank the people who help donated to me, or rather more like donated to the Otaku’s Dream Server than me..

  • 2018, Mar 01 – Alexander C. [CleverFauxFox]
  • 2018, Nov 28 & Dec 25 – Lechi H.
  • 2019, Feb 24 – Kevin L. [LemonWarlord]
  • 2019, Jun 10 – Andrew E. [VTSvsAlucard]
  • 2019, July 11 – Victor S.
  • 2019, July 13, Aug 30 & Sep 29 – suchakre
  • 2019, Sept 2 – Luke H-W. [mongoose41]
  • 2019, Sept 28 – Azim [EvoZims]
  • 2019, Oct 24 – Mathieu [mozart2b]
  • 2019, Dec 28 – Gonzalo V.
  • 2020, Mar 09 – James M.W.
  • 2020, Mar 30 – suchakre

I there is more before 2018 but I lost the list for that so sorry!!!
Thank you. For the help!

-Fully Updated now 2024, MAR 17th-