Jubo 2022 OtakuVibes

-Released- [Update: 2023-Feb-04]

Jubo 2022 OtakuVibes


Full Pack (Main+Videos!) [1.26 GB][CRC32: C5F1B2D1][MD5: 5aaaceea3b85fd5c452ba97c7b3abb77]
Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Google Drive -||- StepManiaOnline

Project OutFox Addon Pack (Needs Full Pack!) [1.88 GB][CRC32: 2F56759E][MD5: e25354e66956233ecb1e0e9cc5644cb3]
Otaku’s Dream Server -||- Google Drive


40 Songs!!! All have BGVideo [XviD-AVI + H265-MKV]! BNVideo! JKTVideo! FLAC Audio!
All difficulties are converted to “near” Simulated DDR-X/A(1-20 ratings) [Easy+Medium+Hard+Expert]
// Edit Charts are KB Charts! Sadly only 2 songs with it this year. My skills are failing.
Press F9 on the Music Song Selection/Wheel to view the Transliteration to Romaji (“Romanized characters”)

Get the full detailed song list here. Which includes the individual song downloads!!!


2022, man, Okay!
I am so exhausted crunching these past 2 months: 2022-Dec and 2023-Jan. Ahhh… So worried I’m just going release only like 30 ish simfiles at the beginning of Dec 2022 LMAO~!! that would be my worst year yet~! that belongs to 2020 yikes.

Many Anime I liked this year but My Dress-up Darling or KiseKoi won my BN+JACKET image can’t beat BEST GIRL 2022, Marin.
I really wanted to put Bocchi the Rock! but I can’t since I haven’t done EDs or Inserts! (coming this year 2023 I hope!) or AoAshi which has like no good art/wallpaper material sadly. AoAshi is pretty very underrated and silent hits of 2022, ofc Bocchi too but yeah.

Also 2022 was a busy year for me in life… My sister got married before me AH~! Single for life. And I got promoted at my workplace yay~! More responsibilities (and walking doing like min 24k – 36k max steps per work day). So mm yah nice.
2022 pack is now done. 2023 pack will be I hoping again and again per year the redemption arc of completing requested simfiles… but who knows.

From the txt:
Just in case someone ask. This is a Null Offset. No added offsync ms to the offset.

I’m going to adjust my KB Charts to Edit difficulty now. To future proof it with the changes to Outfox and other new versions out there. Plus I better adapt the new norm and get rid of my old habits of the old StepMania versions bugs in the Edit Charts. The place I learn KB Charts are Beginner Charts to be recorded in stats lol. Yah that was a thing in the past when Edit Charts scores aren’t recorded lol.

If this is your first time playing this pack or any of my packs. All of my simfiles/songs are labelled priority to Japanese Titles first. Then on Transliteration are romanized/romanji titles. So if you want it to be more readable in the characters of an English speakers please press `F9`key during the music/song selection screen. Depending on the theme it will switch instantly between back and forth original titles or translated titles. If not instantly then it will change next selection I hope.

My CDTitle are not in every song anymore to save some storage/memory/disk space. It is now located in the root folder of StepMania Program/App. It should be under like ‘F:\StepMania\CDTitles’ or ‘F:\Project Outfox\CDTitles’

I have decided to move all BN and Jacket videos to .ssc / outfox versions. So it won’t appear in apps/programs that loads only .sm aka SM3.9+ other versions does not load .ssc.

Special Thanks to…

I would like to thank the people who help donated to me, or rather more like donated to the Otaku’s Dream Server than me..
2022, Dec 24 - Tabea P.
 2022, Dec 16 - panama007
 2022, Nov 24 – Tabea P.
 2022, Oct 28 – Ofzen   
 2022, Aug 05 – Jeffrey W.
 2022, Apr 04 – Hector R.
 2022, Apr 03 – Yosoji31
 2022, Feb 23 – Alex S.
 2022, Feb 22 – Loleux
 2022, Feb 17 – Erick L. (u/Hops117)
 2022, Feb 01 - Steve T.

Thank you. I appreciate your help!!!

See you again in 2024 for another pack release for 2023. Ah~!