500 Series + 2019 Simfiles Update

2024 March 18th update.

Are now fully Offset change to NULL. Meaning they are now fully or nearly sync to the music unlike before. (seeing .015 to 0.50 range off jeez wtf so off.)

Some additional stuff added and removed… just too many to list. Most noticeably the difficulty levels upgrade to a near simulated DDR A/X rating. Give or take margin of error.

Before my computer setup was way different compare to now. Also my StepMania settings were tremendously really bad offsyncs and stupid of me keeping that all over years and along with the hardware upgrade. Just gotten worst then got way better in 2019 with my pc upgraded.

So give them a redownload. You will definitely see that feel of play more in-sync with music and able to, depending skill level, 100% score/grade or near it on a song ever than before.

Enjoy all.
– Next up the 2020 series simfiles. Going to review/edit those start next week every Saturdays.